Young Dream flew 1st prize on Duffel against 2.821 birds.

11-1685523 F


Race; 1st prize Duffel against 2.851 pigeons.

The race from Duffel (95 Km)  was the first natour flight of the 2013 season.  The birds were released at 11:00 am and the wind over the entire race course was north west. We had thirty old pigeons on the race and seventeen of those wonnen a prize!

The first pigeon today was “Young Dream” from Rosso x Sunny- these pigeons are still from our old kind, Gebr. Janssen crossed on C & G Koopman. Young Dream was the fastest from 2.851 pigeons with at a velocity of 1329,772 m.p.m.

Below are the earliest classifications in his young career without doubles;

1st prize duffel against 2.821 birds, 5th prize Peronne against 3.854 birds, 6th Nanteuil against 2.954 birds, 10t Nanteuil against 2.247 birds and so on……

Young Dream is also father to Fee, this hen flew among other;1e prize Nanteuil against 302 birds,3rd Nanteuil against 396 birds and a 6th Peronne against 201 birds.

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